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I am an Artist, Relationship and Intimacy Coach, and Therapeutic Arts Facilitator, living in the Toronto area.   And yes, I marry people. ​I am ordained with the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry, and licensed by the province of Ontario, to perform weddings.  

Ever since I was little, I loved ceremony. I loved people. I loved Love. Some might have called me naive, or a hopeless romantic. And while this may have been true, now it has blossomed into a radical activism of sorts. In a world of consumerism, of discarding things and people at the first sign of mayhem, Marriage and Love become a way to vote otherwise. 

Like most people, I do my best learning through failure. This means learning about what love isn't. I have been married. I have fallen in love. I have been left and I have done the leaving. I have also been so heartbroken that I was certain I would never get up again.  I have learned that the reasons we get married, and the reasons we stay married are vastly different. I have made many mistakes on my way to learning the deep skill of what it means to love. I believe that people who are choosing to get married, deserve someone who has learned the hard way, deserve a perfectly imperfect person, who has gotten it wrong many times over, and still chose love. Every. Time. It's my fallibility, and the acceptance of the fallibility of others, that has gifted me with a beautiful partnership; one that is enriched by my reading of vows and marrying people every week; and one that is a love so deep, that it cannot help but nourish the ceremonies I perform. 

Creating ceremonies with folks of all kinds is truly an honour.  I offer non-denominational, interfaith, one-faith, interracial, traditional, non-religious/atheist, spiritual, non-binary,  opposite-sex  and same-sex ceremonies to those living in the Greater Toronto Area (and beyond upon request). I also proudly serve the Kink, BDSM and Poly communities.  

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