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"When we envisioned our wedding day the most important aspect of it was the ceremony. It had to be personal; an expression of who we were as a couple. We dreamed of it as something that left our loved ones touched, moved and even inspired. That is exactly what Sarah delivered" 

- R & J Kaufman 


"Sarah and I are longtime friends and I couldn’t imagine being married by anyone other than her. We wanted an intimate and beautiful ceremony, and knew Sarah would take the time to understand our vision, and bring it to life. The carefully chosen readings along with Sarah's magical flair, made for an unforgettable experience. Every couple is unique and is why Sarah is so special; she captures the essence of who you are. The result is a breathtaking and memorable wedding ceremony"

- Jane 

'Sarah was the perfect addition to our wedding day. We decided to get married last minute, and contacted Sarah three week before the scheduled date for the ceremony. "Did you previous officiant die or got lost", she (jokingly) asked when we first talked. Sarah made herself available at all times, encouraging us to be in touch whenever we felt it was necessary -  she even asked for our input in her outfit choice to make sure it was just right for our day. In person, Sarah was as kind as we had come to expect.

Sarah was essential in the tailoring of our ceremony. We had a clear idea of what kind of ceremony we wanted, what details to include, and what tropes to avoid. In the brief time we had together, Sarah sought to get to truly know us, and our story of coming together. She was open to all of our ideas and was eager to help us materialize them. The ceremony took place in our family’s house with twenty guests. From coordinating the various speakers we had chosen from our family, to sharing eloquently about what love meant for her in her life, Sarah made our special moment feel incredibly important to both of us while keeping the atmosphere casual and friendly for everyone involved.  Today, almost a year later, attendees are still telling us what a tremendous job Sarah did when we reminisce about that day.  If you’re looking for someone confident and experienced in the intricacies inherent to the "tie the knot" process, one who will make sure that the day goes exactly as you envisioned it, Sarah is the right person. Working with her wasn’t just easy, Sarah soothed any worries we had as we planned our wedding day" 

- Daniel & Linnea

"Sarah was a joy to work with. From the first time we spoke Sarah was eager to understand me and my partner, both as individuals, and as a couple wanting to create the perfect ceremony. We didn’t meet her until the day of our wedding, and when we met, it was as if we had known her forever. Sarah made our ceremony special and memorable. We are so grateful to have had her there, beside us, for one of the most special days of our lives"

-Stephanie & Pat


"Sarah Hall is the most magnificent officiant. Her approach is personalized, supportive, and transformative. Sarah really made the effort to understand the true meaning of our commitment and used that understanding as the foundation for our marriage ceremony.  I love Sarah's approach and work ethic. Before accepting to work with us she expressed her need to know us in order to make sure we all felt that she was a fit for us. If you have the opportunity to choose Sarah, choose her.  She is delightful, dynamic, and provides - in its purest form- generative support.  We feel that we are so blessed to have had Sarah stand at the gates of our commitment/marriage ceremony and see us through the transition"

-Coura & Brian

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