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Sometimes folks need someone to listen. Not to fix, or even advise, but to listen. To bear witness to how hard life can be. And yes, we in the west often erase our problems as 'first world', and it's still okay to have a good life and have things be hard. 

Drawing on my experience as a personal development coach and leader, my three years of training at the Somatica Institute for Sex and Intimacy, my near 15 years of work as a spiritual arts facilitator in the world of grief and palliative care... along with recent training in marriage preparation and enrichment, I offer my ear to those who need it. 

Being married is never static. Sometimes we need an unbiased ear, someone who won't take our side (or theirs), someone who is on the side of things working out. 

I can be that person for you. Let me know if you would like a free 20 min call to let me know what it is you are dealing with, and what you really care about. If I am not a match for you, then I can help find someone who may be a better fit. 

Currently my home office is closed and I am offering (in the time of COVID-19 self isolation) online sessions of

90 min for $150 (plus hst). I do make available a sliding scale and/or trade, and this can be discussed on a call. 



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