Pricing/Availability and Other Questions

What if!? 

What if we want paperwork only, or for you to drive to Timmins? What if we want our uncle to perform the ceremony? What if we want a sand ceremony, or walk down the aisle to West African drums (it happened)? What if we want a rehearsal dinner, or don't? What if we want to pick a ceremony from a template, or have you craft everything from scratch? What if we want you to help us with our vows? What if? 

Almost always, the answer is yes. And yes, prices vary depending on what you are seeking.  Prices range from $300+hst (for paperwork only) to $700+hst (for the whole enchilada), with most weddings settling around the $500-600 mark. Additional for travel more than an hour away (TBD by the distance). 

****small 'corona weddings' are an entirely different thing. If you are seeking this, we will price according and it depends on a few variables. Please simply ask. 

Send me an email with your wedding date, time, venue, and type of ceremony you are looking for. I will do my very best to reply within 24 hours. Check below to see if  I am available for your requested time/date, and let's set up a call to see if we are a match! Please note that I have added the location and time I am booked. I like to keep a 3 hour window between weddings (if I am booked in Woodbridge for 5pm, I could then be available for a wedding in the GTA (or slightly beyond) for 1pm). And if you are lucky enough to be very close to a venue I am at near that day, maybe we can make it work. It never hurts to ask!

2021/2022 Bookings and Availability

(all dates below are my bookings, which means if you don't see a date, it's likely available! I also add in my travel dates so you know I am unavailable. 

I am also available for weekdays, don't hesitate to ask.




Image: REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch


Despite the cancellation and postponement of dozens and dozens of ceremonies in 2020, I am amazed at how many of you still wanted to keep your wedding date, opting for a small intimate gathering, waiting for the big party for another time. Somehow I ended up doing 83 ceremonies in 2020, up five from the previous year! This is not what I thought would happen when we shut everything down in March. LOVE PREVAILS!


Available upon request for small covid weddings and paperwork only meet-ups. Ceremonies indoor or out are allowed to have 10 people, while many are still opting for 5 people (you, your witnesses and me). 

Feb 20th                       3pm             King

March 12th                     5:30pm     Vaughan

April 24th                      4pm            Toronto

May 8th                          4pm            Newmarket 

May 9th                          4:30pm     Newmarket

May 15th                        5:30pm      North York

May 21st                         5pm            Newmarket

May 22nd                       5pm            Toronto

May 23rd                        4pm            Vaughan

June 5th                         12:30           Toronto              5:30pm   Toronto

June 11th                         3:30pm      Kettleby

June 13th                        4pm            King

June 19th                        4pm            North York

June 26th                       12pm           Norland            4pm  Toronto

June 27th                        3pm            Ottawa (ALL DAY) 

July 3rd                           4:30           Kleinburg

July 9th                           4pm            King

July 10th                         2:30pm      King                          4pm     King

July 17th                          4pm            Halton Hills

July 24th                        5pm             Toronto

July 31st                         4:30            King City1

Aug 7th                           4pm             Belcroft Estates

Aug 21st                          2:30pm      Oshawa                       4:30pm      Scarborough                  

Aug 22nd                        3pm             Newmarket

Sept 3rd                          5pm              Toronto

Sept 4th                          4pm              Erin

Sept 11th                          4pm              Erin

Sept 18th                        1pm                Wasaga                    4pm              Caledon

Sept 25th                       4pm               Toronto

Sept 26th                        4pm              Vaughan  

Oct2nd                           3:30 King                                        5:30 North York  

Oct 3rd                          3:30 Vaughan

Oct 9th                           3pm              King

Oct 10th                        5pm               Vaughan 

Oct 16th                         3:30pm        King 

Oct 23rd                        5pm               King

Nov 20th                      4pm               North York 

Nov  26th                      4pm               Vaughan


Jun 25th                      12pm               Newmarket

July 16th                      4pm                Halton Hills 

Aug 7th                       4pm                 Ajax

Sept 10th                   4pm                 King City 

Sep 17th                       4pm (ish)       Bowmanville